Boat Insurance: It’s Worth It
As the old joke goes, the two happiest days of a boat owner’s life are the day they buy their boat and the day they sell it. While that may be true enough for most, what seems fairly certain to be even more universally applicable is what the absolute worst day of one’s boat-owning experience would look like: realizing that not only has their boat suffered some kind of catastrophic damage or been involved in a fatality or injury causing incident, but that they had failed to secure proper and adequate insurance coverage for their vessel prior.

With just a bit of forethought, one can avoid all the self-flagellation and endless regret (not to mention the financial and legal fallout) that goes along with such a distressing scenario, simply by getting their boat insured as soon as possible post-purchase.

In fact, boat insurance is something that really should be part of the generally accepted package of ‘to-do’s’ that accompanies boat ownership: getting a boater’s license, familiarizing oneself with the vessel’s safety features and maintenance requirements, making oneself aware of all local laws regarding not just boating itself but also the transportation of one’s boat on land, and yes, buying boat insurance. While some states do not explicitly require it, it is highly advisable that a boat owner protect himself and his boat from not only damage to the vessel itself, but also the legal/financial liability of possible death or injury to others.

Boat insurance is, essentially, a safety net that is available should the worst happen. It provides a sense of security (not only to the owner himself, but to all on board) so that what is meant to be a fun activity can in fact be just that, as opposed to one drenched in worry.

A boat’s age, value, nature of usage, and motor size are all factors in calculating the insurance premium. Should the unwelcomed and unforeseen (theft, fire, sinking) occur, the policy can help to cover related repair/legal costs. The undeniable benefits (emergency assistance, legal liability and financial protection, peace of mind) are certainly worth the effort.