What is Umbrella Insurance?
Umbrella insurance is specifically a type of personal liability insurance. It is great for covering claims that your other types of insurance will not cover, including auto insurance, boat insurance, rental insurance and home insurance. It is also known for covering situations that traditional insurance does not cover such as false imprisonment claims. It is very inexpensive compared to other types of insurances so worth considering.

Who is Umbrella Insurance For?
Umbrella insurance is great for any already insured individual. It covers claims that your other insurance policies are unable to cover or simply do not have the funds to cover. Umbrella insurance will not only protect you, but it will also protect your family and those who are injured by things you have done. It is something worth considering no matter your socioeconomic status as well.

How does Umbrella Insurance Work?
Umbrella insurance covers all members of the household of the policy holder depending on how household members are defined by your policy. It also covers all items, even if they are not the items listed on your home or auto insurance. Incidents that happen in other countries are covered as well. Examples of coverages offered include a dog attacking a neighbor, your teenager getting in a wreck or being sued for a car accident.

Different Types of Coverage in Existence
Bodily injury liability is one type of coverage that covers any injuries caused by you to someone else. It could cover the medical charges or claims. Property damage liability covers someone else’s property loss caused by you. Renter’s liability covers you if something happens to one of your tenants. You can also be covered for libel, false arrest, malicious prosecution or mental shock.

Major Benefits
Umbrella insurance has many benefits, the first of which is that it is relatively inexpensive. It also has benefits to those who are more natural risk takers or who are not fully covered by their other policies. It can provide a fallback to them to avoid having to pay out of pocket expenses